The gaming industry in Canada is one of the largest industries, recording up to $10 billion dollars in current capital construction. These include casino games, the gambling and betting, horse race betting, sports betting, video lottery and charitable gaming. This makes it a little bit difficult for the results of casino conferences to be actualized.

The gambling industry is one that is growing fast. Organizations need to be formed to try and limit the growth of this industry. The past conferences have seen speakers and researchers from everywhere try to talk about this problem and how they can stem it.

This industry, just like any other, faces competition which it has to try and beat. This competition is especially due to the gambling industry in the US, but Canada has really tried to stay on its toes and ‘keep the US in the US’.

In business, it is taught that one should supply to the demand, and when there is competition, to improve the quality of one’s product to maintain one’s market. The gambling industry also faces this but unfortunately, there is not much change one can make in the industry because casino games are the same old. The only thing one may do is improve the technology in the games.

One specific speaker tried to bring up the above stated fact. This was received with much appraisal because, the government needs to do something to avoid relying on casinos. The people too should leave their comfort zones and look for better ways to make money other the gambling industry.

In addition, due to the establishment of online casinos, land-based casinos have really been in a tough spot. However, despite such challenges, the gaming in Canada as a whole has grown steadily and has become one of the major earners of the country.