Gaming in Canada is one of the largest industries in the country, adding billions to the country’s economy. So many people have invested in the game, either as full-time gamblers, or owners of casinos and gaming lounges. As a result, there was the formation of the association for gaming regulation to try and curb and limit the rate at which people play casino games.

Gambling, betting is one of the largest components of a casino. Actually, it is basically what happens in a casino. These games have become quite common in the country with so many casinos being brought up. The youth and even adults go there, either for fun, due to the other entertainments amenities provided, or just to gamble and make money. Depending on one’s winning streak, this could either be bad or good. In most cases, gambling and betting are bad for the individual because the money one ends up losing are a whole lot more than the one they gain. This is not a concept that people want to hear and hence, the increasing number of gamblers in the country.

This led to the formation of an association which is a regulatory body in the country to try and limit the gambling habit. A lot of research has been put into the behaviour of gambling by this association as they try to explore the topic, all the way. These associations hold conferences where speakers come and talk about their findings. Gambling is one habit that can be very addictive and is recommended by psychiatrists to quit. These speakers are also researchers, which makes it easier for the regulatory body to carry out their chores.

This association is able to regulate where possible. They have the expertise necessary to regulate the games. They, however, cannot do it so much because it is a major income earner for the country, bringing up to $2 billion in salaries!