The Grand Villa Casino Hotel and Conference Centre is found Burnaby, Canada. The hotel offers many services: conference halls, leisure vacationing, business meetings, social functions and all kinds of home and office comfort. Apart from all these, the hotel is mainly known for its Casino gaming services. It could as well be referred to as Casino hotel. The hotel is regarded as one of the high-class hotels in the country, with a 4-star rating.

As much as this is one of the major gambling hotels, some of the conferences about gambling are held here. Discussions about making the game less of an income earner and more of a hobby, are still the subject of the conferences. Gambling is not only limited to the card games, dices or slot machines, there is also live betting for sports. This is where people will bet on a certain match, either football, rugby, or even a fight. A good example is an upcoming fight between Ferguson and Lee. Here, the casino hotel gives the viewers the best watching experience with their flat screen HDTVs and the best sound system. Viewers are expected to pay to watch, and if they wish, which they can bet on the game.

This hotel has really done well for itself, becoming one of the best hotels, not only in Vancouver, but also the whole of Canada. Live entertainment from bands and other artists attract so many people, who come to watch them, and since they are in a casino hotel, they decide to bet. It has grown to become the landing site for major gamblers, and as a result, an event for famous players has been set up. Events like this bring money to the hotel, and as such, bring it up to the international level it is at.