Casino gaming in Canada has become quite a common activity. So many casinos and gaming facilities have come up with this option. To attract more customers, the casinos have become more than just gaming facilities. They offer restaurant services, hotels, bars and conference halls. There have been conferences recently in Canada about where to draw the line between acceptable gambling and the unacceptable.

Gambling has been a wide spread habit in almost all of Canada. This has created a lot of job opportunities and brought in money to the economy, but ethically, debates have arisen. Some people have tried to argue that the integrity and ethics of people is being compromised. As a result, conferences have been held to try and discuss this issue. These conferences try and find a way forward for the gambling business. They aim to critically analyze current gambling practices, listening to arguments from speakers and researchers, and trying to come up with ways to make the game more friendly and minimize its rate of growth.

All of this has stirred debates by the government and part of the public, where they want to curb this habit. Social science researchers and humanitarians have held conferences, trying to come up with the best solution. There was a conference held on April 2017, where the theme was ‘Just Gambling?…’ The whole point of this was to try and find the ethical challenges related to gambling. Ethical debates have been going on in Canada, where they wonder how this helps their country in terms of justice and the integral value of the people. Poster presentations took place during the conference.

These conferences will continue to be held, until a standpoint on where to draw the line between what is allowed and what should be stopped is found. This is likely to take some time.