Just as the name suggests, slot games are ones where you need a slot machine to play. These are found in basically every casino, because some people prefer this type of gambling, to the other hands-on card games, where the people involved may be a bit dangerous. Conferences in Canada have seen many of these over the years.

A few examples are:

  • The three reel slots – These would be regarded as the foundation of any other current slot game. A good example is the five reel slots which are quite common to this day.
  • Multiple payline slots – This works almost as the three reel slot only in this one, there are lines and after a reel, if three items appear together on one line, it is a win. It could be preferred, to the three reel slot because it has more winning chances.
  • Video Slots – This is almost like the three reel slot but has a lot more options and is digital.

How famous these games are depends on a lot of factors. Some of this would include the people playing in the casino at a certain time, peer pressure, and even the mood of the day in question. The list of slot games played could also vary in different towns or cities in the country. Each area has their preferred options and the reasons why they prefer them. Their popularity also depends on their types. In some areas, mechanical ones are more popular, while in others, the video-based ones are more popular.

Some of the famous slot games are Da Vinci Diamonds, Book of Ra Deluxe and Miss Kitty. These are played even by celebrity players. The list of famous slot games changes with time, a long time, not even monthly and currently, the above games have topped the list.